The Breck Foundation

The Breck Foundation works hard to keep children and young people safe online through
education and campaigning.


The Breck Foundation was founded in 2014 by Lorin LaFave, whose 14-year-old son, Breck, was groomed online through a gaming relationship and subsequently murdered. Lorin had tried desperately to stop the grooming but was unable to save her son despite multiple attempts.


The Breck Foundation’s mission is to educate children across the UK to enjoy their time online but understand how to keep themselves smart, savvy and safe while doing so. They visit schools, colleges and workplaces around the country both face-to-face and via video
calls. Their presentations are engaging, dynamic, and full of up-to-date information about the kinds of challenges young people face online and how to navigate them. They particularly focus on spotting the signs of grooming, using Breck’s story as a real life example.

The Breck Foundation also regularly campaign for a safer internet, work with government to provide expert advice, offer specialist training for parents, teachers, safeguarding professionals, police, emergency services and corporates on internet safety, and have made multiple media appearances from Panorama to Newsround.